Flat Roofs

When it comes to a felt roofs lifespan, the majority of guarantees will only last for ten years. If well installed, roofing felt should last a lot longer however it will generally require time, money and regular maintenance to keep it looking its best.

We provide a liquid rubber protection to preserve and prolong the life of your felt roof without having to go to the extent and cost of fully replacing your flat roof altogether.


  • Highly elastomeric waterproofing membrane for horizontal roofs

  • Excellent adhesion to all kinds of substrates; plywood, bitumen membrane, concrete and asphalt

  • Water resistant soon after application

  • Super elastic and hard wearing

  • 100% watertight and vapour permeable

  • Resistant to UV radiation, acid rain, heat, frost and pollution

  • Excellent temperature change resistance

  • Cost efficient 

  • Guaranteed for 10 years

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