Roof Tile Restoration

As concrete roof tiles age they gradually lose their gloss retention and the pores become exposed. This process allows water to penetrate the tile and attract moss and fungus growth, eating into it's overall strength and durability.

Before the tiles get to the stage where the only option available, yet very costly option, is to completely re-tile the roof, a popular, effective and far more affordable option is to re-surface or coat the existing tiles to rejuvenate and prolong the life of your roof.

The process itself is relatively quick, easy and affordable, however the product used is the key to getting a job that lasts long term.

The coating we use creates an impermeable water barrier, is micro-porous and has a long lasting gloss retention with a 10 year life expectancy.


A breakdown of the complete job we provide is as follows;

  • Pressure clean roof tiles of all moss, dirt & lichen

  • Replace all cracked and broken tiles

  • Re-point all ridges and verges

  • Anti-fungal treatment 

  • Minimum two coats of protective roof coating

  • 10 year guarantee 

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